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Orange Beach,  Perdido Key and Gulf Shores Waterways.

Orange Beach Weather, Wind and Moon Phases

Fishing Report Tip from Captain Russell. Fishing by the Moon, it's a matter of knowing ahead of time when the sun and moon will rise and set. Fish are most active during a 90- minute window surrounding each of these four daily events; that's 45 minutes before and after these four daily points.

 Fishing during these four periods may help increase your fishing odds, but if you plan ahead so as to ensure you're on the water on the days of new or full moon, you can use these 'windows' to reel in a catch like you've never done before. If you have to choose between sunrise/set and moonrise/set, always go with the moon as the moon is the strongest influence as I have noticed.

Other Factors

 When planning your fishing trip by the moon phase, there are other conditions that should be considered.

 Weather! Severe weather changes have an impact on the way fish feed. When a storm is approaching, or just after one, is a decent time. If this happens while you're in place, you'll be in for a treat! If there's a cold front approaching, the fish are likely to move deeper into the water and become inactive.

 Season! Some fish are more likely to bite willingly during seasonal transitions with the transition from winter to spring and summer to fall being the two best fishing times.

 Now that you know more about moon phase fishing, there's no reason why you shouldn't use this knowledge to increase your fishing catch by being ready during the best fishing times available.


Orange Beach Fishing Reports with Captain Ritchie Russell and Russell's Coastal Fishing Charters. The Orange Beach, Perdido Key and Gulf Shores Waterways offer Inshore and Offshore anglers endless opportunities. We hope our Fishing Reports will aid in your next successful fishing excursion on the Alabama Gulf Coast. Interested in submitting your own fishing report? Use our Fishing Report Submission form Below.

As we depart the docks at the Flora-Bama Marina, I am on a mission to locate baits and fish that are feeding on that bait. Putting my fishing clients on the fish and ensuring them of a safe, exciting family oriented fishing charter.

We have just added our fishing reports page and we will be updating through-out the 2017 fishing season. As always you can contact Captain Ritchie Russell and get a fishing report. Contact Captain Russell at 251.747-1896.

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